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City Hall Park Restored and Reopened to the Public 

Mayor Harrell: Reopening encourages neighbors to visit iconic and restored downtown park and expands greenspace available to downtown residents and workers 

Seattle, WA Today, Mayor Bruce Harrell joined civic, business, and community members to celebrate the reopening of City Hall Park on 3rd Avenue. After nearly two years of restoration, this 1.3-acre park, adjacent to the King County Courthouse and just a few blocks from City Hall, will now welcome visitors to this iconic downtown location with enhanced amenities and a robust activation activities. The park’s reopening was announced in Mayor Harrell’s Downtown Activation Plan, which named it a priority for Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) to work with community and businesses to host ongoing activities within the park to draw people downtown and provide a safe, vibrant, healthy space for neighbors, workers, and visitors to recreate.  

“The reopening of City Hall Park is a reason for celebration as we revive and rejuvenate Seattle’s downtown civic campus. Our city parks are core to our One Seattle vision – bringing vitality to neighborhoods as centers of play, recreation and community building where residents and visitors alike can connect, create memories and enjoy our public spaces,” said Mayor Bruce Harrell. “Today’s re-opening celebration reflects the energy and vitality we are excited to bring back to City Hall Park, not just for this summer, but throughout the year. Through collaboration and investment, we are working with downtown partners to ensure this is a well-maintained and welcoming space in our city center, ensuring greenspace – and fun activities – are available to all neighbors. I encourage every Seattle resident to visit the newly restored City Hall Park.” 

The all-day reopening celebration brings food trucks, a band, lawn games, and buskers to City Hall Park. Moving forward, SPR will regularly host lawn games, food trucks, concerts, art installations, and other park events to promote a positive, welcoming downtown park experience. During the week (Monday-Friday) and during special events, City Hall Park will regularly host a park concierge to provide personalized service to answer visitor questions and improve park user experience. Additionally, City Hall Park will now have permanent park ranger presence funded through the Metropolitan Park District.  

“City Hall Park, and parks in our downtown core, serve an important function in the overall health and vibrancy of our city center. In these spaces we bring community together, make space for artistic expression, provide access to nature, and offer respite from the hustle of work and commute,” said AP Diaz, Superintendent of Seattle Parks and Recreation. “We are grateful to our downtown partners, the King County Courthouse, and the community for all the support offered to us to bring us to this day and their ongoing commitment to affirm the mayor’s commitment to a vibrant and safe downtown.” 

City Hall Park closed to the public in August 2021 to remediate park damages, undertake several park improvement projects, and develop a robust park activation plan. The city is investing $300,000 in 2023 and 2024 to support expanded activation in addition to the $2 million that is supporting initial improvements and planning for the complete renovation of City Hall Park. The Berger Partnership will serve as primary consultant to redesign City Hall Park, will lead efforts to align with the Alliance for Pioneer Square’s NE Framework Plan, conduct further community engagement and produce a preferred schematic design for City Hall Park by end of 2023.  

For more information about activities taking place in City Hall Park and other downtown parks, visit

What People Are Saying   

Andrew Lewis, Seattle City Council, District 7 

“What we are celebrating today is much more than one park’s re-opening. We are celebrating our whole city’s promise to work together to emerge from the global pandemic better than ever. The City Hall Park of two years ago is unrecognizable today. This is a story of the JustCARE program’s success getting people who were living outside into appropriate shelter and housing. It is a story of our public employees’ tireless efforts to reclaim and enhance the park. And it’s a story of the people of Seattle’s strong commitment to making our public spaces clean, green, and accessible for all. Downtown Seattle is not dying, it’s thriving, and I am thrilled the thousands of people who choose to live, work, and spend their time in the Downtown neighborhood can once again enjoy this beautiful park.” 

Patrick Oishi, Presiding Judge, King County Superior Court  
“City Hall Park is the gateway to the King County Courthouse, where people come to seek justice. Access to justice requires that all people are safe in and around City Hall Park, including courthouse employees, jurors, litigants, witnesses, lawyers, and judicial officers. We thank Mayor Bruce Harrell for his commitment to public safety and efforts to make City Hall Park a better place for everyone.” 

Lisa Howard, Executive Director, Alliance for Pioneer Square  

“City Hall Park is an irreplaceable community and historic asset, and we are excited to welcome neighbors, including the business community, residents, and visitors starting today. Thank you to the City of Seattle for the commitment to ensure this green space is safe, accessible, and inviting for all. The Alliance for Pioneer Square is dedicated to ensuring the park is cared for now and far into the future.” 

Tija Petrovich, Chair, Pioneer Square Residence Council 

“Three weeks ago, I was here in City Hall Park, on Mayor Harrell’s One Seattle Day of Service. I, along with others, were picking up trash and planting flowers and vines in eager anticipation of today’s park opening. Parks provide us spaces to gather, think, dream, host community celebrations, and so much more. I have lived in Pioneer Square for more than thirty years and cherish this park. Thank you, Mayor Harrell, and all those involved in these efforts to reopen City Hall Park to the 3000 residents that call Pioneer Square home and all visitors.” 

Robert Rodriguez, Owner of Yellow Butterfly Coffee 

“Yellow Butterfly Coffee, a beloved local coffee shop, enthusiastically supports the long-awaited reopening of City Hall Park. As a symbol of hope and rejuvenation, the park’s reopening holds immense significance for both our business and the community at large. With the implementation of effective security measures, we are delighted to welcome back residents and visitors to enjoy the park’s natural beauty. Yellow Butterfly Coffee stands firmly behind the commitment to safety and believes that the reopening will contribute to a thriving and vibrant community atmosphere.”