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Mayor Harrell Celebrates New Canopy Lighting at Chinatown-International District’s Hing Hay Park

New permanent canopy lights and lanterns will enhance the safety and character of treasured community gathering space

Seattle – On Thursday, Mayor Bruce Harrell joined community leaders and business owners in the Chinatown-International District to celebrate the installation of new canopy and café lighting fixtures at Hing Hay Park.

Supported by funding from Seattle Parks & Recreation (SPR), the Office of Economic Development (OED), the Chinatown International District Business Improvement Area (CIDBIA), and a coalition of local businesses, the lights will illuminate and activate the park, increasing safety and creating a unique cultural experience for residents, workers, and visitors.

“Hing Hay Park is a treasured gathering space that brings people across generations together to experience the rich history and culture of our Chinatown-International District,” said Mayor Harrell. “This partnership and investment between the City, the Chinatown-International District Business Improvement Area, and local businesses represents our One Seattle values of uniting around common goals and working together to create the safe, vibrant, and welcoming city we want to see. I look forward to the many Lunar New Year celebrations and other community celebrations at Hing Hay Park that will be illuminated by this new canopy of lights.”

“I’m so thankful to have our already-vibrant Hing Hay Park shine even brighter, serving as a welcoming space for visitors and residents alike,” said Councilmember Tanya Woo (Position 8 – Citywide). “This is yet another example that when our community comes together, we can make positive things happen.”

“Parks provide crucial gathering places for neighbors to come together, and serve as shining sources of strength, sustainability, and wellness for our community. Even on our grey and rainy days, our parks and recreation system continuously shine through to deliver places and spaces to get us into nature, to recreate, and to rejuvenate. This new canopy lighting at Hing Hay Park will help support the many cultural and recreational events beloved by the Chinatown-International District community, enhancing the park’s ability to serve as a beacon of light and enhancing its unique beauty,” said AP Diaz, Superintendent of Seattle Parks and Recreation.

Hing Hay Park hosts many activities and recreation events that are sponsored by the City, including the Dancing Til Dusk, Center City Cinema movie nights, and live music buskers.

The park also hosts a concierge and services from Park Rangers to answer visitor questions and improve the park experience. Last year, Park Rangers contacted over 7,800 people at all downtown parks, fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment and promoting voluntary compliance with park rules.

The lights will be maintained by CIDBIA, which was the fiscal sponsor for the project. Other contributors from the local community include Tai Tung, Edge Properties, Uwajimaya, KODA Apartments, BMW Seattle, Metro Auto Rebuild, Pacific Auto Body, Vulcan, and Nitze-Stagen.

“CIDBIA is excited to be the fiscal sponsor for the canopy and café lighting installation in Hing Hay Park and is committed to the upkeep and maintenance of the lights going forward,” said CIDBIA Executive Director Monisha Singh. “The lighting installation marks a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to revitalize and enhance the vibrancy of our community spaces. This bright addition serves as a testament to our commitment to creating a welcoming and safe Chinatown-International District for all who work, live, and visit the neighborhood.”

Hing Hay Park will also host Lunar New Year celebrations with live performances on February 24 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. to ring in the Year of the Dragon. Learn more here.

What People Are Saying

Evan Chan, Principal, Edge Developers and owner, Tai Tung

“As the oldest Chinese restaurant in Seattle, Tai Tung is a proud part of our Chinatown-International District and is committed to building a thriving future for this special neighborhood. We were happy to work with the City, community members, and local businesses to support this lighting project that will add vibrancy, character, and color to Hing Hay Park.”

Vivian Hsieh, Sales & Marketing Manager, DA LI Development

“We at DA LI Development are honored to stand here with other community leaders who are committed to the CID. I know these lights will bring new energy and life here. They will benefit residents, workers, and visitors – and people like me who live and work in this great neighborhood.”

Denise Moriguchi, President & CEO, Uwajimaya 

“I love how Hing Hay Park brings people together and creates community in the neighborhood so am excited to see the City partner with local businesses and residents to make it a safer and more beautiful place for all to enjoy.”

Lisa Nitze, Principal of Nitze-Stagen

“Nitze-Stagen has been a past and present investor in the Chinatown-International District and activation of Hing Hay Park is exactly what we need, as part of the mix, to brace one of our city’s most distinctive neighborhoods. Hing Hay literally translates to ‘Celebrate Happiness Public Park’ which will now be illuminated with the canopy lighting and expanded cultural programming.”

Ada Healey, Chief Real Estate Officer, Vulcan

“As a long-term property owner and resident in the Chinatown-International District, Vulcan Real Estate is delighted to join other community members and business owners in celebration of the Hing Hay Park Lighting improvements. It is exciting to see Mayor Harrell’s Downtown Activation Plan come to fruition and it is our honor to have played a part in supporting these efforts here in the CID.”

London Agrawal, General Manager, BMW Seattle

“BMW Seattle is excited to partner with community leaders to illuminate Hing Hay Park. This lighting initiative is an outstanding chance to showcase the town’s beauty and foster a vibrant community. We can achieve remarkable things and make a tangible impact by working together. We’re thrilled to be a part of shaping the future of the Chinatown International District.”

Mayor Harrell speaks at a pagoda in Hing Hay Park
Mayor Harrell poses with Lunar New Year performers.