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Mayor Harrell Announces New Seattle Fire Fighters Contract Proposal

Seattle – Today, Mayor Bruce Harrell announced a new proposed contract agreement between the City of Seattle and the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF), Local 27 AFL-CIO-CLC has been submitted to the City Council for approval during their meeting at 2 pm today.

The fire fighter members of Local 27 ratified the proposed contract with an 86% approval vote.

“Seattle is fortunate to have a fire service that is ranked in the top 1% of departments across the country. This contract reflects our commitment to attracting and retaining highly skilled City employees. I want to thank our partners in Local 27 for their collaboration throughout this negotiation and our fire service for the lifesaving work they do every day,” said Mayor Harrell. “Seattle has asked a lot of our Fire Department over the past few years, from COVID testing and vaccinations to expanded outreach and treatment for opioids and overdoses. This contract recognizes and rewards that outstanding work.” 

This five-year agreement between the City and Local 27 covers wages, benefits, hours, and other working conditions for the period from December 22, 2021, through December 31, 2026. This legislation impacts an estimated 974 active City employees in the Seattle Fire Department (SFD). Public sector collective bargaining agreements regularly include a retroactive start date.

“This is a fair contract for Seattle Fire Fighters and Paramedics that recognizes our service and commitment to the City of Seattle. It will provide stability for fire fighters and our city so we can focus on our mission,” said Lieutenant Kenny Stuart, IAFF Local 27 President. “I am thankful that the Mayor continues to make public safety and my fire fighters a top priority.”

The agreement includes wage increases based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue area, as well as additional pay premiums and other benefits. As part of that, an Annual Wage Increase bank will be created to help smooth over fluctuations in the inflation rate and ensure more consistent increases over the duration of the contract. This will help both fire service staff and City budget planners by minimizing dramatic inflation swings related to external factors.

“Fire fighters protecting Seattle every day deserve to afford to live in the city they protect. They deserve economic security and the opportunity to support their families right here. That’s the reason we’re so proud of this agreement,” said Council President Debora Juarez. “Thank you, Lieutenant Kenny Stuart and all of Local 27 for your partnership and professionalism for the people of Seattle.”

In addition to wage increases, the proposed collective bargaining agreement includes provisions related to health care plan contributions, shift extensions and overtime, uniform allowance, and paid holidays. The agreement also allows for a maximum of 16 hours per year of required off-shift training related to human resources or leadership topics.

“Seattle’s fire fighters and fire employees are there for all of us on our worst days, every day. They are asked to do much, to routinely put themselves in harm’s way, yet they ask for little,” said Councilmember and Public Safety & Human Services Committee Chair Lisa Herbold. “I am proud, as one of my final acts in office, to support this contract and stand in solidarity with them.”

Under the agreement, the City will also work with Local 27 on the creation of additional training programs to support advancement and opportunities for Paramedic Field Training Officers, Medical Service Officers, and Captains preparing for promotion to Battalion Chief. 

“Fire fighters respond to our calls when we need them most and it’s only right that we answer their calls for better wages and working conditions,” said Councilmember Dan Strauss. “I’m proud to support this labor agreement with Fire Fighters Local 27 so we can support our city’s public safety and maintain and improve the health, safety, and security of our fire fighters.”